Sunday, November 1, 2015

I am using an old photo to begin taken in 2010.  I ran across it the other night and like it.  I don't know if I have ever published it or not...
Fast-forward to 5 yrs later, on the exact same day of October 5th and we have this.  BTW, I did not notice that these were both taken on the 5th of October till just now when I uploaded them.  I did a double take to make sure.  I plan to link to Denise's Today's Flowers.

Remember to click and expand the view.
The kids are moved into their own home!  Sarah and I both have aching feet....but she did about 4 times as much as me!  But she has worked today and is still working on getting things in shape.  Lorelei has been going to her new school since last Monday and loves it.  They now live within a few blocks of it.

Kitty Soft Paws is glad to have her own home again...we did not let her roam here because of how these cats are.  They are very territorial.  They do not like new cats or dogs on their turf, but they managed to put up with Otto and Rosie.  Oh, there were moments they got mad, but it did not go bad at all, all things considered, and were a few comical moments thrown in.

I was sitting at my computer snacking on something and Puss Puss was at my feet...I don't remember if she was begging for a taste or if she was just there, and Otto zoned in on me eating and came to see if I had a bite for him.  Well, Puss Puss puffed up, hissed and scratched at him and he was backing away and did not realize Bubbie was behind him and he got his tail end swatted which made him come back towards me.  That in turn made Puss Puss want to go after him again and him back into Bubbie was hilarious...Sarah or I one grabbed his collar till he could not move and shoo-ed the cats away.

And we thought if they had time that Bubbie and Rosie would have eventually played together cause there were very short instances where we felt they were playing.  But so short lived we could not tell for sure.  BTW, Bubbie probably weighs twice as much as little Rosie.

There are still a few beautiful trees, but for the most part the leaves are gone.