Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is another from out at the strip pits...after someone reminded me on my post here, I think it is smartweed.  The leaves sure look like it, too.  I assume the above is not as mature as that in the photo in the link above.  I had not thought of smartweed in years..I have never seen any this big.  I was not bending over to take the above photo and and I am 5'3" tall.

We are going to see Sarah so am just scheduling this ahead...I don't have photos on my netbook that I take with me there.  I am trying to pack things now to get ready to go so unless I get time to add to this before it posts, it won't say much.

I will say I have made a start on the backing for the latest red/neutral log cabin quilt.  It will take a bit of time to make so don't hold your breath.  I did not go buy new fabric...I am using what I used to make the top itself.  Hopefully I will get busy when we get back and get it all together.

That is it for now...I will visit when I get back home.....