Thursday, September 29, 2016

From the strip pit area

We have been through this area several times, and have not seen a single Great Blue Heron.  However, we always see two or three egrets.

Roger continues to improve a little bit at a time...specially in the physical department.  He has now been up and down our basement stairs two or three times.  He can get in the tub and take a regular shower with no help from me.  He makes coffee.  He can go shopping with me to Walmart of grocery as long as I don't stay a long time.   These are baby steps, but steps I didn't think I would ever see again when this first happened.

He still has trouble with remembering and naming things.   And seems to have no short term memory. 

We go and drive through the strip pits two or three times a week.  It is a short drive and we have fun looking for wildlife.   He really, really enjoys it.  Not sure when he will ever feel like going for a longer drive.  We had an appt in Indianapolis yesterday and he was totally worn out last night.

I wanted to thank you again for your continued prayers.  Even though I don't respond personally, I do appreciate them.