Monday, February 4, 2019

Duplicate pillowcases...

When Sarah and I made the pillowcases seen here, she had got enough of the fabrics to make another pillowcase for her home.  So, I decided to start on them yesterday.  There are actually 7 of them...not sure if where the other two were when I took this yesterday.

Yesterday was spent trimming the fabric to make the ends straight.  and the rolls done...and I actually got that line of stitching done.

After our morning trip to Hardee's I came home and did a bit of the usual chores, plus made a pot of chili, then I went down to the basement and actually vacuumed some down there.  Then I started and worked on these pillowcases again.  I got them all pulled right side out...I make them basically the way Tea makes them in this video....

If I can get to work on them tomorrow, I should finish them...then will feel free to start on something else.

That being said, I am so wanting to have time to take a drive....I would love to go to Goose Pond or to the Heron Viewing Park north of Danville, Illinois.  And I would love to go to Willow Slough, but never know what effect a longer trip like that will have on Roger.  He tires so easily.