Sunday, July 19, 2020

Slowly but surely it is growing...

I promised myself I would not post a bunch of photos along the way...but here I go posting another pic of this before it is a finished top...much less a finished quilt.  I now have five rows sewing together.  Need to get 3, maybe four more added to it.

Most of the fabrics in the blocks are scraps from the scrap bin at the local quilt shop.  But still, I look at just this photo and see fabrics left from 3, no make that 4 pair of pjs I made for myself.  It is hard to buy pjs that I like, so I make my own.

I see fabrics from dresses for Lorelei, and I see fabrics from a quilt for her, and I also know there is fabric from two or three quilts of hers that I don't see in this particular view, and fabrics from other quilt projects.  The fabric between the blocks I got years ago and have been waiting for the right project.  I did not want to buy anything new for this so this was one of the few fabrics big enough to complete the project....
I need to get off here and vacuum and do a bit of housework...oldest daughter is heading this way in a bit...I think we are going to sew.  I need to hurry and do a few things.  I have enough time...hope you guys have a good week.