Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wildlife up north

One evening while we were up at Shipshewana, we took off in search of a little wildlife. We found the Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area...we were not disappointed. First we saw the geese near this bridge. It was the perfect place to fish and of all times, we did not have our fishing gear with us. It was late and lots of shadows...so this was the best shot of one of the geese. While there we heard sandhill cranes but could not see any.
We left there and not sure which came first without going and looking at the number of the image...but at one point looked down the dirt road and there were the turkeys and their babies. I don't know if it is two moms and their children, or one mom and her friend and children. If you look close there are ten of the babies...there are three in one blob right in the middle.
Then we came out and saw a couple of the cranes...I don't know how many shots I took and not one is decent. I have fooled with this one to try to make it more presentable but did not do very good.
That is all I got to photograph, but we also seen rabbits, deer and their fawns. And that was just in one short drive.

We hope to go back another year and actually do some fishing....