Monday, February 9, 2015

Eagles from Sunday drive

We were driving along a muddy old back road when Roger says, "What's that over there?'  I could not tell with my naked eye alone...I zoomed in as close as I could and saw that it was two Bald Eagles.  The one on the right is a juvenile.  It looks like its head is dirty, but if you click to expand the view, I think you can tell that it is not dirt.  We were also looking through Roger's spotter scope so we are sure of this.  This picture is cropped and is the best I could will open up fairly big if you right click on it and click open in new window.

I have been sewing more now to the last part of Lorelei's quilt:  flipping the binding to the back and sewing it down by hand.  And it is a good thing.  When we talked to her tonight she wanted to know if I had finished it yet!
One of the best happenings of our life
 Trying to pick out just a few pictures of her is almost impossible..
She found her Pink Princess identity early on
We would not have her any other way
She is a constant source of joy
She helps her daddy work on cars
She has fun with her mom
And she helps Papaw with what ever he is going..
Happy Birthday, Lorelei Rose.