Friday, January 22, 2016

Eagle sightings, and more...

Yesterday I had to get my hair downtown, and was sitting at a stop sign just across the street from where I go, and there circling over the beauty shop was a juvenile bald eagle.  His head and tail not completely white.  No pictures for proof, though.

Today we had to go by Walmart for a few things, and after leaving there, I ask Roger to go to the strip pits.  First there was the flurry of wings over the big, big strip pit...
 If you click to expand the view, it won't help a lot but at least you will be able to see there are snow geese.
And for more proof, here you go:
 Again not great pics...they were probably 400 yds away.
While watching them, I spotted an eagle sitting in one of the trees on the far side.  I was looking through binoculars.  I could not get a shot of him.  We continue passing through, and ended up going on past the end of this big strip pit to check a field where we see deer on a regular basis, and have seen turkeys.  Neither of those were there, but look what flew from a tree:
 We actually seen two here...and I am not sure, but think this is all the second one.
 Neither one fooled around, they wanted away from the person with the camera.  So funny, sometimes some of them do not seem all that afraid.
 So, out there we seen at least two, maybe three eages.  We don't know if one of these might have been the one we seen sitting on the far bank of the strip pit as we went in.  So, we left the place, and I almost put up my camera thinking we were done.  But got just a mile of so from Walmart, and saw this one!
A juvenile!  A big boy/girl for sure.  Poor thing...a lot of its tail feathers are missing.  Roger paused in the road for me to hurry and snag a shot...he was circling away from us and this was the best of the few that I got.