Saturday, May 31, 2008

More on the road....

Click to enlarge please!
I took the above mushroom photo at the beginning of my Thursday drive. I have looked at it, but not enlarged it very much till tonight. When I did, I noticed the drops of dew on the bottom of the mushroom. And those petals on top are from locust blossoms.
This barn was on the way and the barn down below are okay. They don't capture the movement of the grass as I tried to. But I thought I would show them anyway. I think you can almost catch the movement. It is just something I wish I could capture...till you could almost feel the wind by looking at the photo.
And not far from that first barn, I came across another field of gold...and I must say it is the goldest field I have seen thus far! This is a pretty good capture of what I was just such intense color. And so much of it that I had to share it, even though I have done posted some, and seen them on other blogs.

Another of my favorite songs....

I have tried to find this version of this song for years...when I worked at the orchard I made myself tapes--tapes of all types of music. And over the years I worked there, I wouldn't even want to guess how many times I listened to this song. And the copy I had, I taped off a radio show years ago. Just listen to the words...they sure paint a pretty picture!