Monday, June 3, 2019

Would you believe...

I am not asking would you believe I sewed some today....

I only made 6 of these today....the squares were already cut and paired.  What I was going to ask is would you believe it took me over an hour to sew them?

I set down to sew, and realized the machine was not making stitches....I thought I had ran out of bobbin thread.  Looked and no, it had thread.   The thread on top had been broken.  We won't say how.

So, since I had taken the bobbin out I thought I would take time to clean the lint out that was gathered down there.  I took the throat plate off and got the little brush that came with the machine.  I have another that I bought but it was over with a different machine, so rather than walk 3 or 4 steps, I chose to work with what I had.

The little brush that comes with the machine is maybe 4 inches long...that is handle AND not very long.  I always reach way back under the bobbin race and any place I can to get the lint.  Today, I dropped the brush while reaching back under.  The tip was sticking out but I could not hold on to it and managed to send it beyond my reach.  I used a pair of curved, long tweezers and managed to hold on to it long enough to pull it out.

So, go to put my throat plate on and managed to lose a screw to that...I was panicking...but gave a second look at back where I had lain it out of the way and there it was.  All this is why it took me so long to sew those few 4-patches.

With that I will leave you with Ken Davis...I hope you enjoy. 

He is one of my favorites.  If you don't watch any of it, start at about the 4 minute part and watch the rest of it.  It is hilarious.