Friday, July 31, 2015


Random entrance to a church...don't think I have posted it before.  It is in Marshall, Illinois.
1.  I had a hard time going to sleep, but when I did I slept hard.  Jumped awake at 8:20 thinking it was Saturday.  Really a bad way to start the day.  Took about 10-20 minutes before I realized it is Friday.  I was upset that I had slept that late, thinking it Saturday and knowing son-in-law is going to bring some of Lorelei's toys to store here for a while and I expected him to be sort of early.

2.  Hung out a load of clothes...they had time to hang about an hour before someone, somewhere was burning something stinky.  It smelled like plastic.  I hurried and took them down and threw in the dryer.  Only took about 25 minutes to be completely dry.  It was a fairly big load.

3.  I have been throwing away colored pages and other paperwork I no longer need.  I rearranged some of my storage totes in the basement to make room for more stuff from Lorelei's home. 

4.  They will be moving sometime in the near future....more about that later.  It is a good thing, though!

5.  Roger is going back to the doctor this afternoon...still coughing.  So say a prayer that either he gets the right medicine or that he gets sent to a new doctor.  He has had a cough forever, but it changed a while back.  Then he got the cold on top of it.  Now, I don't know if it is the cold/asthmatic bronchitis or if it is just his cough.

I leave you with a someone everyone knows.  In fact, I doubt anyone has ever heard of her, but listen/read the words to the song.   I think I have featured another of her songs, but not this one.

Edited to add:  Just checked...I have shared this video before...sorry!

How about:

Tim Grimm is from Indiana...he writes some wonderful songs.