Monday, March 13, 2017

I haven't told her...

I have not told Lorelei that the local farm stores have their chicks...she wants one so bad every time she sees them.  I know we will end up taking her to see them if we get to keep her for spring break though so am only putting it off...I am hoping by then we will be having warm weather. 

Right now it is snowing and the ground is white.  And it is cold.  I don't know if we will be going to Terre Haute for Roger's shot.  It is funny how our perspective of things change as we get older and when we have serious health issues happen.  Before, we would not have let a little skim of snow slow us down, nor even a mess of snow if I wanted to go take pics.  But now, I just want to avoid anything that could be the least bit dangerous.  
Do you ever get to thinking about the funny things that your kids or grandkids do or say that can always make you laugh.  Actually I have Lorelei and her cousin Jackson that can always bring a smile to my face...

One from Lorelei is that one day a few years ago I walked in to find her scribbling on the back of a dining room chair with a crayon.  I said "Lorelei, please don't mark on Mamaw's furniture."  Her reply was, "I'm not, this is mine...see, it says so right there!" and she pointed to where she had been scribbling.  Implying that it had her name on it.

Now from her cousin Jackson, the one that always pops in my mind is when he was young, maybe along about 2-3 years old and his grandma was still working, he had to call her and talk to her.  He got to telling her who he loved..."I love Mommy....I love Daddy...I love Papaw....and"....and I am sure we would all expect him to say and I LOVE YOu....but instead he says, "And I love Bacon!"  He was saying it to tease...which makes it all the more funny.

Okay, your turn...tell a funny story from your kids or grandkids in the comment...I would love to hear them!