Friday, March 2, 2012

Indiana Heritage Quilt show....

Yesterday, Mary sent me an email which reminded me that the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show was starting....they were leaving right away. We thought we might as well head that way, too.

I thought first I would show a few of the art quilts...some are almost like paintings.

The artist takes fabric and needles and thread and sewing machines and create works of art.

Who would ever have thought of making a quilt like the scene above?

The one above is probably the biggest of all I am showing here...but I cannot remember quite how big it was.

I couldn't even sketch the the scene above, much less create it with fabric and thread.

Since we all love butterflies, I thought I would throw in this one...

and the one above is one of my favorites....

I just had to throw in a version a little bit closer in.

And here is the last I am showing here today...aren't they works of art.

We have had storms roll through this morn...had hail in the morn, but only for a few seconds and not too big....then a few minutes ago, it got so dark, one would have needed headlights to drive safely. Another storm passed through, and now the sky is just stormy looking but not threatening.

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show....they all enlarge...and really are best viewed bigger.