Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sweet peas....

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When we went down to Merom Bluffs, some of these were there on the top...I was down on my knees trying to capture a good image of them...of course the wind was blowing. It always blows in Indiana it seems.

New Asiatic lilies

This is my first season with these particular Asiatic lilies. They were so full of bloom, just sort of didn't look real. Notice I used the word 'were'--past tense. I have been so disgusted...there are three girls in the neighborhood that have broken off most of the blooms, and on one clump of the plants there is nothing left. The plant is gone all the way to the ground. They are big girls--at least 10 years old. Part of me is just so angry, and part of me wants to get plants and go get them and have them come help me plant them...try to teach them and myself a little about them.
The little girl next door comes and asks for my flowers, and I have given her some of everything but these....I thought it being their first season that maybe I should let them bloom as much as they would. She was fine with that...I am almost sure she is a future gardener. She asks what takes shade, and told me that her grandma had to have plants that need shade. She is maybe 7 years old...