Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A bright and sunny day

It was a bright, sunny, really warm, day....I hung out a couple loads of clothes.  I took the first load out, and started the second load before I hung the first out.  By the time the I hung the second load out, the first load was almost dry.

I was making a late run to the supper walmart, and ran through the end of the strip pit area.  I paused to snap a pic of the frog above...I did not see the second one till I downloaded the images and looked at them on this computer.  You may need to click and expand the view to see it.
And then this fellow paused long enough for me to take a couple quick pics.
All three photos have been cropped and played with in Picasa.
As I went to Walmart, I was going through farm country, and saw several farmers working.  But if it had been totally dark, I would have known they were or had been working...the smell of fresh turned soil was strong in the air.  In one area, I could smell where wild onions had been disturbed.  I did not find it an offending smell...