Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coming soon....

I scanned a few more slides in the other day...these were taken in the fall of 97. I really have no idea where, except they are in Indiana. I just love fall...the only thing about it is I know that cold weather is not far behind.

I am late posting today because I spent the night with my younger daughter last night. We talked till midnight....just about life. And we laughed. At Otto, her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is a nutcase--just totally lovable. He just cannot contain the joy he feels when they have company. And his tail about beats you to death it wags so fast and furious.

I was up before her and took him outside. She has a concrete of his loves is for someone to sit on it with him. So I sat down, and he came and climbed up beside me...I asked him to sit down instead of stand, and he did. Not so much proudly, but just happy to have someone with him. He watched everything that moved, and would just sniff the air to see what he could smell. Just totally content.

As we were sitting there I was noticing the leaves on the ground from her crab apple tree, and it got me to thinking that fall is approaching. I am hoping for colorful trees and crisp, clear days, with some sunshine mixed in. And I hope you enjoy the little previews of what I hope is to come.