Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A bit cold

Photo from early 2011
I know we did not get down as cold as some places did last night/this morn...but -9º F is cold enough for me.  And I saw at one point on my tablet that the low had been -10º....and so far the high that I have seen is 4 above.

Lorelei's school was cancelled for today and they just cancelled we have her.  I told Roger all is right with my world.  I am pretty used to not seeing her through the week, but boy if I don't see her during the weekend, I am just so off-kilter.  And I know the day is coming when she will be busy and have her own life...but just not yet, please.
My crazy cat begged and begged to go out last night but I would not let him...and he started in this morn.  So, up about noon, I let him out...he was back inside in less than five minutes and has not pestered me any more to go out.

I have always said that Simon's Cat could have been all about Bubbie...

So many of his actions are so Bubbie...