Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How about a chicken potholder/hotpad...

I saw the link to this tutorial on Sew Inspired on Pinterest.   I just had to try one...and may make more later. I showed it to my sister-in-law/best friend and she made one before I even started.  And her daughter suggested the chicken have an thank you Holly for that idea.  Hopefully tonight I will set and do the hand stitching on the binding.

It has rained a lot here today and really cooled down some.  But get this, when the cats first went out this morn, two of them went out on the sidewalk and sat a few minutes in the rain.  The heat must have been really getting to them because I have never noticed them doing that before.

Quick snaps...

Look at his feet....enlarge the pic if you want.  He is getting ready to turn around and face to the right.  It makes me smile.

These were taken in the middle of the, and humid.  Across a field.  I know they are not that great...but still I am not too terrible disappointed.  They are cropped...taken with my little P&S camera.

I have spent hours looking at books trying to decide what I want to read.  There are just too many to choose from.  Hoping I can settle in to one soon....I just always have to have something I am reading.  How about there a certain subject you always look for or a certain type of book.  And do you read a variety of types of books?