Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cox Ford Bridge

This is the Cox Ford Bridge in Parke County, Indiana, built in 1913 by J. A. Britton.
We try to always carry our rods with us...Roger threw his line in but did not have any hits.
This is looking up Sugar Creek...a beautiful place to be.

We used to come here and wade and there are signs that no swimming or wading is allowed, and inform that violators will be prosecuted.
I am getting ready to hang out clothes! Supposed to be close to 50ยบ F. today...I had to wash my tennis shoes since I had walked along the sandbar and my feet sank above the top of my shoes. So I always wash them with towels...figured it would be a good day to hang the out.

The cats are wanting us to come outside and play and I am not joking. They won't go out alone, but when I went out to wipe down the clothesline, all three came out to see what was happening.