Monday, January 5, 2009


Last night Bubbie got to shivering so bad, and we could hear his breathing so called and met the vet at the office. They kept him, but I was out there today and our regular vet said he is doing fine and that all looks good. Said his lungs are clear and no temperature. I swear I feel like an idiot but I don't remember exactly what he said about the shivering...I think kind of a reaction from the surgery, but I am not sure. Anyway, he had rather I call and it be nothing than to ignor things. I am letting them board him a few days till the baby shower is over with. I just could not do anything with him here...had to keep my eyes right on him.

Normally, he sleeps on the floor most of the time, other than he gets up beside Roger and then sometimes takes over that chair. But the biggest part of the time, he sleeps in front of the tv. The first two days he was home, he was in the chair or on the couch almost constantly, and I had to watch him like a hawk to keep him from jumping down.

They took the bandage off and it stays off...everything looks really good. We can go visit him. So will do that daily, I suppose. I have had such a scared feeling about this, but the vet seems confident that things are going to be okay. So I will try to keep my courage up.
I have not been out to take any pictures in ages, so am resorting to a couple from the summer of barns. These are different barns, but they sure remind me of each other. They are not in the best of focus...I used the sharpen tool on both I believe. These were taken as my husband drove us down the road.