Sunday, June 30, 2019


I have been going to do a post for the past couple of days....I had this to show you:

I do not know the name of this day is the third color I have blooming and I haven't even taken time to photograph the others.  I took this probably 3 or 4 days ago.

I for sure planned to do a post last night...but it didn't happen, with good reason.

We were sitting here, and Roger got up and headed out of the room, and started coughing.  His chronic cough.  He got on past my chair and just as he got to the kitchen I cannot explain what I heard.  But a big crash, and no more coughing...just total silence...I cannot even begin to convey how silent the house felt.  I tried to jump up, but could not get this recliner closed...I know it was only seconds, but when your heart is in your throat, time does stand still.

I got in there and he was laying face down in the floor, his arms down by his side.  I got down and put my hand on him, I suppose to see if I felt movement, but I really don't know,  but I said, 'Roger!  Roger!'  And he came to himself and said 'I'm okay! I'm okay....I just got too lightheaded.'  And he got up and continued on to the bathroom.  I could see no sign of a bruise, no knot on his forehead or any place else...nothing...and still cannot today.   I wanted to take him to the Emergency Room, but he insisted he was okay.  He stayed up two or three hours more, and went to bed.  I stayed up for a long time listening for him to be up.

I followed him to bed around 2:00 am and he was sleeping fine...

Today could have been such a different day....I am so thankful things are as they should be in this, though I am stressed in other ways.  I will save them for another post.