Thursday, June 8, 2017

Holding her cousin...

This is Lorelei, holding her little cousin....don't you just love the look on her face!

She has been here the past two nights, but had to go home this evening.

She wanted to go to Mansfield and wade and fish and hunt for crawdads.  Before we got there, we realized that the Big Raccoon is still almost up and not too far from being out of banks.  So, rather than go down the road and on to Mansfield, we went up  and across the dam, and parked and walked down to the water.  I wish I had taken a photo of the little dock.  Water was up level with it, and you could see that the water had complete covered it and its railings.

Anyway, I mentioned over here on my other blog about the Great Blue Herons landing on the water.  This was in water way over my head.   They only landed and then took off immediately...the tips of their wings touching the water.  I had fully expected to see them struggle.

I have only ever seen them land in shallow water.  In talking with a blog friend, I got to wondering if they could swim, and I remembered seeing a video of an eagle swimming...

this is not the one I seen, maybe I saw it on TV.  But if you go here, you will see several samples of Bald Eagles swimming.

So I thought, maybe Blue Herons can swim, so did a minimal search...and I found a couple samples.

While I feel this was in fairly shallow water, I do feel like it was floating along.  And it had to fly to where it could stand.

I am 60 years old and yesterday was a first for me....but I sure hope I get to witness it again....