Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First adventure with GPS driving....

This is a church we passed on our drive today...a drive-by shot through the windshield...not too bad. But the one I got when we were closer had all these reflections and lens this one is the one I am stuck showing you. I think it still gives an idea of how big and beautiful it is. I did not notice the crosses in the roof till I looked I looked at these photos.
Our GPS came the other was the first opportunity we have had to try it out. I wanted to head north, but checked the weather up that way. There was a big storm on the way to the area I wanted to quickly chose a destination to the south. We didn't follow The Voice's directions exactly....we wanted to go a more indirect route.

We had fun imagining what The Voice was thinking...we could almost hear the disgust in The Voice each time we Did Not make the turn she suggested...she would say 'recalculating'...Roger asked if I thought she realized it was a man driving and if she realized he was hardheaded.

I told him I was going to do a post and title it: A GPS, we are still taking the scenic route! We have sure taken some in our travels, but I don't think any have been quite as bad as a friend. I don't remember the car they were driving at the time, but one time they ended up on a road and the only other vehicles were jeeps and 4-wheel drive trucks!

Then there is the song One Headlight by the Wallflowers...we neither one can hear it without thinking of the time that we only had this old, old station wagon. I think we only had our older daughter, but I am not sure. We were on our way home from Terre Haute, and we would hit a pothole and the lights would go out...hit another one and they were back on!

I was scared of course, though there must have been moonlight because I can still remember we could see the road...but I got tickled. And started laughing...and Roger was shall we say frustrated...and he asked me if I could hush which made it that much more funny. I did tell him it was either laugh or cry....and that was the truth. We made it home safely, and without being seen by the police. So any time you hear the song, or even hear the term headlight, think of us.

Another time, for a second vehicle Roger got this old, old truck. Guess what...coming up Highway 63 one night, the lights started the same a few hundred feet and they would turn off. Wait a little bit and they would blink back on....that time he cut over to the river road and drove home. Much darker that street lights or not many houses to light the way.

And on the subject of cars, I think our Rav4 might be the only car we have had that didn't have a flat tire within about a month of getting it...even when they were brand new cars. And almost all have had a rock fly up and chip the front windshield.