Friday, January 25, 2013

An old favorite....

I have been sitting looking through photos...this is an old favorite.  A little farmhouse over in Illinois.  It is small...and sits in all this big open farmland.  I always call it the Little House on the Prairie.  And it is one I take pictures of fairly often.  I always wonder how old it is...and I wonder if it belongs to some of the original owner's family, or did they sell it.  I wonder if someone rents it.  I wish I had the nerve to go up and knock on the door and ask.
It is cold...supposed to have a chance of snow flurries, but no accumulation.  I sort of hope they are wrong and that we do get a few inches.  Seems like no matter what snow, photos look good.  I even always seem to love paintings of snow scenes. 
I keep sewing along on the crumb blocks.  I have to make a few more to have enough for the size I want to make the quilt. 

Almost every time I go down to my sewing machine, Puss Puss has chewed my thread.  She chews it till she breaks it and there it just hangs...sometimes it gets hung on her as she walks away and she pulls out a yard or two.  I don't know what her thing is with thread...I have a couch throw/blanket that has a fringe and she pulls it out.  I will come in and find a little pile of it where she has pulled it out.

At least she doesn't attack me.  Bubbie was in high form tonight...he wanted to play hide and go seek and did not want to take no for an answer.  He was grabbing me every chance he got.  I was never one to jump and squeal or be surprised easily, but he can sure make me jump.  Sometimes he just reaches out and tags me with he paw as I pass, other times he will run and jump on my leg as I pass through.