Sunday, July 29, 2007

We celebrated our 31st anniversary today--just the two of us. Another fishing trip. My choice. I think hubby felt sort of strange, but that is really what I wanted to do. We did try a couple different I really, really like. I want to go back there through the week--might go by myself. The other is a nice creek, but I don't have luck there. I think this is maybe my 2nd or 3rd time going has probably been 10 or 11 years since I last went to it. We didn't catch anything to brag about at either place--not in number nor in size. But it was still a pleasant way to spend the day.

I told my brother I think fishing is relaxing to me because when I fish, I concentrate on fishing. I am always thinking of what lure I want to try next, what color, or where I am going to cast. Fishing is one of the few things that keeps me really focused.