Thursday, March 24, 2022


 I have long wanted to make a few cards, but just never seemed to have time when I needed them...and other things fill my mind when  I do have time.  However I have a friend whose birthday is in a few days so I have worked on this for 3 days!  Well, let me say I first spent one day on another background...but once I got it together, I did not like it.  So the next day I started this one.   I had a scrap of fabric in mind for the flower.  I thought I laid it aside close to my sewing machine and spend enough time hunting for it to have finished this yesterday and to have started on another.  

Even last night, I was actually headed to bed before 1:00A.M.  but thought I would glance one more time for it and it ended up being 1:20  before I got in bed.  And I still did not find the fabric.

Anyway, it was fun to made...I did have card stock that I have had for years.  But I don't have what you would call card making supplies.  But I would like to make a few of these if I can ever get a couple other projects done.

So far, we have had rain both Monday and Tuesday but at no point did it come a downpour.  But so far, so good with the drains I put on the downspout.

I am leaving you with another video I may have shared sometime in the past.  I know I have saw it before.  It cracks me up.