Friday, March 22, 2019

Gobble, gobble

We saw the local flock of turkeys on the way home yesterday.  They are about directly west of where we live, maybe a mile.  They are out in this cornfield right past the last house at the edge of town.  The most we had seen till yesterday were nine turkeys.

But yesterday there was at least 13, maybe more.  They were busy looking for food and not paying any attention to us...I am not sure if we were even 75 ft from them.

I was trying to make noise to get there attention...I finally found a noise that would draw a little bit of attention.  I could get 3 or 4 to puff out their feathers and fan their tails.

I have better pics over HERE on my other blog...but cannot resist adding two or three or four more here.

We have Lorelei for the next 3 we are set to have a good weekend.  It has been a while since she was here for the weekend.  I cannot tell you how strange it is when she is not here.   

I hop you all have a nice weekend...