Monday, November 3, 2008

Just a swingin'

Is there anyone that doesn't like to swing? I honestly wouldn't mind having a swing in my house. A friend of a friend of my husband did have a swing in his house. I never saw it, but Roger came home telling me I would have loved his house.
That is the thing I can't wait for in the spring--it being warm enough to sit in the swing on either the front or back porch and sit and visit with friends or family. Or sit out there when I talk on the phone.

My love affair with swings started when I was a kid. We had a fair sized walnut tree, and always had at least one swing in it. And most of the time there were 3 0r 4. No tipping over the swingset for us. But every now and then the rope would break....or, I think part of them, if not all of them had a chain that went around the limb, and the rope then attached to the chain. I can remember very clearly one time the piece of chain coming loose and coming down hitting me on the head. It was not the typical porch swing was an actual working chain, not super heavy duty. I think about like the chain used to connect horse to plow.

It was before I was in school...I know there were no leaves on the tree, and no one else was around. I think I cried, but don't remember for sure. Oh, and at least part of the time, if not all, our 'rope' was actually baler twine. And we didn't call it baler twine...we called it grass string.
I think we plaited it sometimes...not sure if we did all the time. But we did at least double it or triple it..

That walnut tree seemed huge to me then....