Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little bit of snow

For sepia scenes, scroll on down!It is just cold enough for the snow to stick...but I think we are only going to get flurries. Not any measurable snow! I guess I should be happy with Sarah's shower being this weekend.This is a boring post, but wanted to post something. I took a tylenol pm last night till I could sleep. I cannot remember how many times I had to get up or what for...but I know I was up at least 3 times but I went back to bed every time and right to sleep.

I am not worse than yesterday, but not well either. I didn't sneeze the whole day through though, so that is an improvement. My daughter's sinus thing is coming back on her, and Roger feels bad. When it rains, it pours at our house! Maybe by next week at this time, it will all seem like a bad dream.

I did go and pick up some of the stuff we need for the shower, but will have to make another shopping trip for it. I half plan on doing that in the morning. Then Friday I can do a lot of the preparations. I am sure then I will find things I haven't bought and will probably have to make a couple runs to the store. Even though I have tried to make a list, I know me well enough to know that there will be something I forget.

Sepia scenes

I did try a little something else in sepia, but I couldn't totally forget barns!Since blogger does not want to upload pictures for me, I am just going to tell you to go the Sepia Scenes blog to join or to find links to more places to visit.