Friday, June 8, 2007

My husband's surgery went well and was over with quickly. He did have to spend last night at the hospital...I went down this morn around 7:30. The doctor did not come in till 10:00, but we were out the door shortly after that. He feels fairly good, just took his first medicine for discomfort. He did not take any at all in the hospital. He has to take it easy for a little bit: cannot lift over 10 lbs, no long car rides, no straining, etc.

We are both extremely happy to have it over with. When he coughs, he no longer has pain down his arm, and even though he took the medicine tonight, it was not for the same old pain. This pain has to do with the surgery itself.

I have been quilting a little bit every day on my old UFO--I think when it is finished I will name it Pleats and Tucks--it is just awful. And it isn't the back either. I don't know if I just did it horrible or what...but it is one holy mess. I do try a few different designs when quilting but it is mostly meandering. I think if I had a full sized quilt pin basted the way it should be it might not be too horrible to quilt. At least I am not to the point of never wanting to try it again. I am actually sort of looking forward to trying one that is layered right.