Thursday, April 30, 2020


Just the other day,  Monday in fact...I had just one iris bloom...I walked out there today and there were all of these.

Since it was overcast, I could see my screen.  I think there is one bloom I did not get in the photo above.  Since it was overcast, I could see my screen.

I quickly focused on one bloom and snapped.  These are with my phone, as was the one the other day.

I am still working on leaves...or going to work more.  Yesterday I pressed all the ones I have made, and trimmed them to size.  Today I put them all back up on the design wall.  First thinking I was just going to use what I have made and that be it.  But I need four more to make it square.  So, I am going to make four more and I really think that will be all I make.  By the time they  are stitched together it will be a very small quilt.

I know this video will not be everyone's cup of tea, but the first part where the kids are in the chicken house cracks me up.   I