Saturday, July 13, 2013

Slow post to nowhere....

"Mother and Child Reunion"

I went to bed before midnight last night...that does not happen once every 6 months...I had planned to past before I went to bed but just could not get my thinking together enough to do one.

And today we ended up getting up, fixing a bit of breakfast, and heading out to a trader's fair/flea market type thing that is not too far from here.  It is just a small one and open every other weekend.  I did not see anything I could not live without.  Roger came home with two or three clamps that he can use in welding.

Right now I am headed down to the basement to look at my sewing...see if I can see anything I want to get started on.  I had been wanting to sew all week, but by the time I had time to go down there and stay, I was too weary.  Then yesterday had time but wasn't in the mood to sew.   Which seems to be typical for me.

The photo above was taken while passing an Amish farm up in Parke County the first week of June.

Other than that, nothing new or interesting happening here.  Sometimes that is better than the alternative.