Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time for Random 5 Friday

First of all, this is totally unrelated to the Random 5.  I did the previous post and at the end I included a couple things Lorelei had said in the past day or two.  Then later last night, Sarah sent me another text that said, " we(Sarah and hubby) were in the truck and she(Lo) got the hick-ups.  All of a sudden she did her deep voiced yell.  We asked what that was for, she said she was trying to scare herself to get rid of the hick-ups..."  Aren't grandchildren wonderful!
It is that time of the week again...time to share interesting and sometimes not so interesting random facts about ourselves, our lifem our kids, our pets....  Just whatever we choose.

1. Weather has been a part of the news more than usual this winter.  Here in Indiana we have had record amounts of snow;  along with that we have had some bitter cold weather.  For here, anyway.    We have had snow on the ground much of the winter.  So, it shouldn't be surprising that snow is in the forecast for this weekend.  Right now, only an inch or so is predicted.  I would not mind if we did not get any at all.  I have had my fill of snow and cold.  Though the picture above is from years past, ponds are still covered with ice.

2.  I love anything with roosters....and chickens in general.  At one time I collected 'rooster/chicken' things.  I could count over a hundred rooster/chicken items that I had.  I cannot remember the exact number now.  I think it was over 120.  Now, most of them are packed away.  I still like them, and cannot bare to part with them.

3.  I just finished reading Sidonia's Thread:  The Secrets of a Mother and Daughter Sewing a New Life in America.  (Click that link to read about it.)  It is not the usual story of a holocaust survivor.  The daughter wrote the book, and it is about their life here after WWII.  I know it probably is not for everyone, but I really enjoyed reading it. I have also noticed with it, if the title of a book has the word 'thread' in it, I am going to at least look at it.

4.  Has anyone besides me started enjoying some of the commercials just because of the music that takes you back to your youth.  There is one for Mazda that has Teenage Wasteland as the background music.  Another for Hyunda uses Evil Woman.  Another commercial, I don't remember what its for uses Three Dog Night's Shambala.

There, I just could not resist posting it here.

And there are even more old songs/commercials but can't recall them right at the moment.   Is there any that you have noticed?

5. Now, for the fun read of the day, I am taking you back to February of 2012, to this post of The Run "A"Round Ranch.  Every time I read it, the next to the last paragraph cracks me up. 

Linking to A Rural Journal's Random 5 Meme....

Edited to add:  The weatherman is now saying that they are watching a winter storm that is heading this way for the weekend.  Thinking inches now!  YUK!  Last night or the night before they didn't know.