Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I have been listening to music HERE

They have a little bit of everything...sometimes I would not give two cents for what they are playing but other times they introduce me to new singers. When I was a child I HATED bluegrass music...but when I went to college for a year or so, a professor played the banjo and others filled in the band. And hearing it live gave me a total different view of now I love it, although I tend not to like the old style bluegrass unless it is live.

WAGON_WHEEL is one of the songs I heard on there! No, I am not crazy about the video, but I don't watch them...I just turn them on and listen while Ido other things. Anything that mentions Tennessee in it gets my vote...then night before last I heard NORTH_KNOXVILLE by Todd Steed and Sons of Phere...there is a rock copy and an accoustic version. This link provides a link the the latter! Anyway, besides being gone a big part of the time, I have been messing around with music.

In my search for some group, I ran across John Denver songs at YOU_TUBE!

And that led to Neil get the drift. I did not even think of looking there for the Foo Fighters--though I get them at Yahoo's Launch. But for years I searched for the accoustic version of TIMES_LIKE_THESE. I bet if I had thought I could have found it on the web somewhere, but instead I just looked at music sites.