Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just a bit of whining!

I couldn't resist these shots of the thistle...
Not sure how bad out of focus this will look to you...the center is not too bad for me, but the bottom of the pic is pretty bad and the outer portion of the top is none too good.
(In this shot above the outter stickery parts are more in focus.)
 It is the fault of the wind...it never stops here in the Midwest.  At least any time I am trying to take a picture of something like this, it is either blowing or it starts to blow.
So, any picture that is in focus, is simply a stroke of luck and timing.

It poured the rain last night...at least 3 different times that I am aware of.  The river was up yesterday, but I would bet it is out of the banks today after all that rain last night.  I don't think I have ever seen it rain this hard, except maybe one time in the 1990's.

We were coming home from Indianapolis...I am not sure why we were over there.  We had a Dodge minivan and it was relatively new, so had to be along 1992-93-94...it started raining.  Just literally like pouring water out of a bucket.  Our windshield wipers quit working...the wiper motor torn up.  I have always believed it had something to do with the amount of water they were trying to deal with.  I think it stripped something in the motor.

We were on a state highway, no place to pull off the road.  I had to open my window, hang my head out and watch the side of the road to tell Roger how to drive.  The rain slowed down right after this happened, thank goodness. He could half way drive, and I didn't get soaked too bad.

Anyway, that is the type of rain we had last night, and got up to actual coolness this morn, but it has heated up some this evening.  It was 82ºF the last time I looked.  I just now hung out a load of clothes.  I think they will get most of the way dry.  Rain is in the prediction for almost every day this week...depending on whose forecast you are going by so I wanted to do what I can.