Monday, May 25, 2009

A visit with Mama Squirrel

I was out earlier between rains, trying to capture some of the flowers with the drops of rainwater on them. Puss Puss had come and was out following me around, and Roger came out and she started showing off for him. I happened to walk around the corner of the house before they did and spotted Mama Squirrel...
I told him to grab Puss Puss and I ran inside to get nuts and just set my camera down. Mother Cat came in with Roger and Puss Puss, and the boys were sound asleep inside. Mama Squirrel was waiting for me on the trailer...I took the nuts and gave her a handful and thought how dumb I was for not bringing my camera.
I have never been able to quite figure Mama Squirrel's moods out; sometimes I can come and go and she is fine with it. Sometimes, once I leave she don't want anything more to do with me. Windy days are almost always like that...but it was not windy today and I decided to take a chance and come back in and got my camera. I went back out there and she was fine with it.
These were taken with my normal lens--the 18-55 mm one so you know to get this pictures I was right in her face with the camera! I am always amazed that it doesn't scare her. I was checking back in my blog, and according to what I wrote when I still remembered, she has been coming here since the spring of 2006.

Even with all the cats, she still comes up on my back porch....sometimes when I am out in the yard doing something I will turn around and there she is waiting for me. She definitely knows the cats would hurt her. I wish I could be lucky enough sometime to capture the other end of the spectrum--she knows our old dog Shelby will not hurt her and will sometimes walk up and smell her feet if she is laying down.
Cougar continues to stay closer to home than he did. He left one time and was gone a long time but for the most part he is in and out. He came in soaking wet this morn....does not like to be dried off at all. He now has rainwater soft hair! And that is no exaggeration. He doesn't have what we think of as long hair, yet it is longer than the others and more plush.

Little yellow flowers...

I don't know what these little flowers are, but they are always so pretty. They seem to almost have a glow from within.