Friday, September 18, 2015


My husband recently finished this is stainless steel.  A working man's knife.  It is a rubberized type handle.  What it actually is made of is the mat that you buy for horses to stand on.
If you would like to see more knives he has made, you can look here, here, and here.

Just so you know, this spider is still there and still growing!  I am going to miss it when it is gone!

Random 5 Fall Photos...

I had several thoughts about what to use to name 5 random things, and then hit on the idea of fall photos.

1.  This first is just a typical Indiana that curve in the road, the barn, the fall colors.
                                       Don't forget to click to expand the view.

2.  Next we have a photo from 2008....I don't think this color has been repeated since.  All the color was just simply breathtaking.

3.  This one is from up in Michigan...maybe even Mackinac Island.  Taken in 2008.

4.  Another from Michigan....wherever we go, we like to go for drives on back roads.  And this was from one of those drives.

5.  This from just across the state line in Illinois.  Soybeans ready for harvest.

6.  And a little bonus.  A scanned slide.  Prior to my digital camera, I loved Velvia slide film!

I have been slow to participate in the Willy Nilly Friday 5 because things kept happening, but going to give it a whirl this time.  It is one of my favorite memes!