Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lorelei is here

 Picture of Lorelei taken in January of 2010

The trip to meet Jeremy and pick up Lorelei was uneventful...we did stick to the main roads, but soon as we got out of our little town, the roads were clear.  Not a problem anywhere at all.  Roads were clear in Terre Haute.  I don't think other places got as much as we did of that snow.  But I think most other places got more than we did in what we got yesterday and last night.  We might have gotten another inch but that was it.

I have to tell this while it is fresh on my mind....

Last night Papaw was pretending with Lorelei while playing with one of her little houses she has here.  I did not catch the beginning of the conversation but heard Papaw say that maybe Cinderella went hunting.

Lorelei says, "No, she didn't!"

Papaw says, "Girls can hunt..."

Lorelei says, "No, Cinderella doesn't hunt.  I watched a movie about her and she didn't hunt!"

And all the time she is telling him this, she is wagging her finger back and fourth in a negative fashion.  I about cracked up.  Papaw just doesn't watch the right movies, I guess.