Friday, March 4, 2016

Not much to report...

We have a visitor this weekend!

I have been making more crumb blocks in spare moments...I will sew a line or two or three in the odd moments o the day.  If I am cooking, I will sew a few lines, then go stir or turn or do whatever needs to be done.  Then sometimes I actually get to sit and hour or two.

I have made 14 of these 9½ inch blocks over the past few days.  I have 3o more down in the basement.  I don't want to make a quilt of them till I have time to actually quilt it.

Daughter ordered fabric for the backing of the Lotus quilt and I ordered batting....just today.  She took a bit of time to choose the backing.

A friend of mine asked me how many quilts I am working on...and I am not quite sure how to answer.  I have enough of these crumb blocks for a quilt top I think--at least for a twin quilt.

And I have enough of the Falling Charms for a twin quilt, also.  But mostly I am just waiting on everything to get here to finish the Lotus quilt.