Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A finished puzzle

I finished it at last!  I did better about not devoting every moment to it through the day.  I just would not let myself start that...still,  I spent a lot of hours on it.

That face!  Even though the entire puzzle is very appealing to me because it is sewing related, that face is what forced me to buy the puzzle.  It is a look that could have been taken straight from Bubbie.  There is a certain smugness, while at the same time a contented look.  He is almost always very pleased with life.

And Bubbie definitely likes to be right in the middle of what I am working on, though he did not bother this puzzle--a first in his 11½ years of life.  I have had this puzzle for at least a year, maybe a couple years and have not tried to work it because I did not think it would survive him.

As you can see it has 2000 pieces.  When finished it measured 27½ by 38½ inches.  If you are interesting in seeing the biggest view, Right Click on each photo then click to view in a new tab or new window.  This will give you a slightly bigger view