Saturday, September 19, 2009

Enlarge this, please

I want you to enlarge this till you can see it better, and just look.  We ran through the strip pits yesterday and stopped at the strip pit seen here.  I was busy capturing some butterflies at the edge of the pond and Roger had his spotter scope out checking out the birds/wildlife.  He told me to take the time and look at the will have to enlarge this to actually see what I am talking about.  I am assuming they were sleeping...they were not preening their feathers or anything.  They were just standing like this the whole time we were there.

These are some of the first we have seen come through this fall.  In fact, I don't think as many as usual hae stayed the whole summer.  I usually hear a few pass overhead here all summer long and I don't think I have heard a single one.  I am looking forward to their arrival and to hearing their honking as they fly overhead.
We had a wedding to go to this evening...ignor the 2008 on the picture.  I didn't go but had Roger take his Point and Shoot to snap a few pictures.  I would show the wedding couple but I didn't think to have him ask if they cared, so instead will show a pair I am sure don't mind.

Even though the quality of the shot isn't the greatest, I think you can see that a good time was had by all.

Do you realize I haven't seen Lorelei since Tuesday?  I have heard her though, in the background when I am talking to Sarah.  I would love to have seen what all she did at the wedding...I guess she was vocal but there was so much stuff going on that she didn't really interrupt anything. Sarah says she is completely over her congestion, and has been laughing and laughing at Keesha and Otto.

Here and at home, the least little thing distracts her when we go to feed her.  It is almost as if she looks for something else to focus on.  And Sarah says if Otto is anywhere around, Lorelei is reaching out for him.