Friday, October 5, 2012

Good times!

This is what Sarah was working on this past weekend...
As you can is a big hit.
She doesn't want to go inside when it is time to quit and go in...

We have been talking about things she says and what they really mean...the ones that really stand out are:
 'It's okay.  I didn't do anything!' means I definitely did something and am not sure if I will be in trouble or not.

'Mamaw, be nice to me!'  means she is going to ask me something that she done knows the answer to.

'Mamaw, you are mean to me' means she is not getting her way.

'I want something good' means she wants candy.

'I want something like a circle' or 'I want something round' means she wants a Rollo candy.

I know there are more Loreleisms but right now they escape me....

It is funny....twice this past weekend she came to me and told me she wanted to go to bed...and we weren't up that late--9:30ish.  I think both times after we get to bed, she is asking me things, and I am trying to answer her and she tells me to be quiet, she wants to go to sleep!

Oh, and the one night she wanted to sing songs...and she likes Rock-a-bye Baby in the I sang it and made up a bunch of lines to it... then I told her I was tired and needed to rest.  She started singing it and she sang Rock-a-bye Mamaw in the tree top......I about lost it.  I thought poor tree!