Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday...

Just something brighten your day.

It's time for Random 5 Friday again and I have only got a couple ahead of time.

1.  I love the way the words circadian rhythm falls off the tongue.  I think Circadian Rhythm would make a wonderful title for a book.
    ****I can never just spell rhythem.  Not any more.  Just in the past year or two I have noticed any      time I spell it, I usually spell it wrong the first time around

2.  I LOVE google earth.  I just have to say that every now and then.  I can spend hours on there looking at other places....but sometimes in just looking at the area around here.  Sometimes trying to find a certain place to place a few of my photos.  (You can see the few I have on there HERE.)

3. Sometimes for a late night snack, I bake a small pan of cornbread...sometimes I will have something with it and sometimes I just have it hot and fresh from the oven.

4.  I am loving our new Roku is faster than trying to watch Netflix or Youtube through the Blu-ray player.  I never had any problems with Netflix on the Blu-ray player other than it was a slow process to get it started and to search for something, but Youtube videos were most often hanging up, not loading, etc.

5. I am really wanting to see the second season of Bletchley Circle....I don't care if it is on PBS or if Netflix would get the DVDs.  I just really am anxious to see it. 

 That is my Random what are yours. 

edited to add:  I think I have the words spelled right now!  LOL  I guess it was too late at night for me to be typing this.   I guess I had stayed up too late the night before to be thinking straight last night.!