Thursday, September 24, 2015

A little bit of randomness...

1.  I cannot seem to get it together to finish anything...I did finish one hot pad but have had this second chicken hot pad ready to finish for days.

2.  To add to the one above, I have started a couple more...these look the same but the center of the leaf was put in two different ways.  One is a bit bigger than the other because of that.
I did use my rotary cutter and ruler to cut strips with straight edges but I did not measure to cut the width.  Just did it random.
3. Autumn is slowly approaching in our neck of the woods, just little spots here and there of brilliant color.  Too bad I don't have a single photo to prove it.  However, I did snap a photo or two of my wisteria's leaves.
4.  Most of you are probably tired of seeing this spider, but I find it fascinating...I am wondering what it will do when we start to have hard frosts.  (This was taken today...I also told Roger I bet it gets tired of me coming and looking at it.)
5. I don't think I have posted this pic...though I can't believe I haven't.

I have had a hard time coming up with 5 things about you?  Do you have times when you cannot concentrate?

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