Saturday, October 4, 2008

My first attempt at Camera Critters

Camera Critters is something I have seen pop up every weekend at some of my friend's blogs, but usually I have done made a post of something else. Well I am running late today so thought i would take the opportunity to join. I got this first of the geese while at Fort is blurry but I still like it. Part of the walls of the fort are on a hill higher than the rest of the fort, and this is taken while walking up there. I think I like it cause I am sort of on a level with them. And I sort of like the motion the blur of the wings makes.
This grasshopper was taken up on the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin...we were stopped at this little place created to pull of the road and view the lake...I spotted him and he let me get several pictures.
And this turkey was also on that peninsula I think...I am lucky it is this good cause again I was in the car.
And now this one is going across the upper Peninsula of Michigan I think...and it is blurry as were sooooo many of my pictures. I took close to a thousand pictures, and at least 75% were from the car. And so many of them are just a bit is very hard not to not blur shots taken to the side....looking head-on through the front windshield is much better if the road isn't too rough.