Friday, March 12, 2010

We had a little visitor today

Bright Eyes came up and spent the afternoon with us. She is just busy, busy, busy. Just a happy little girl......she played with her papaw. Chasing him through the house. She would not quite go through the door cause she knew he would be on the other side. But she would wait for him to jump out and say 'BOO' and would just giggle.

Sarah says her dad plays hide-n-seek with her, and he will hide and call 'Lorelei' real softly, and Lorelei will go 'da-da' real soft back to him. She still likes the eee-i-ee-i-O thing. Sarah said the other day she had gotten horse from doing it.

And guess what? When Sarah has her outside and takes her back in the house, she gets mad. Who would have imagined that. One thing she likes to do is to find Otto sitting outside and she just goes up and sits beside him. Just happy to be with him. She was doing that today with Mama Cat. Sometimes she gets up and leaves and other times Lorelei can step all over her and she just sits there.
Have any of you ever lost a kid, or thought you did? When Sarah was about three years old, all of a sudden I/we couldn't find her. Even back then, I kept close tabs on them. I only let her and Rachel out in the backyard if I was going to be with them or in the kitchen where I could watch out the back door and window.

I don't remember the circumstances right now, just that Roger was home and I/we realized we couldn't find her. We called for her, and was in and out of all the rooms, went next door to Aunt Luddy's--no Sarah. I can still feel my heart up in my throat. Then we thought, do this methodically....go through each room close the door behind us after we are sure she isn't in there.

In one bedroom, the bed sat in front of a window. She was hiding behind the headboard, behind the curtain....and had not made a sound! I can't help but wonder how many times Lorelei is going to pull stunts like that.

I may sound like a negligent parent, when I tell this next, but really I am not. I cannot remember how old she was when this incident occurred...she might have been a year year and a half older. I am not sure. Again I realized she was just not here, and I was starting to go through the search. Even knowing how she did the other time, I was still on the verge of being frantic. I get a phone is Aunt Luddy telling me she had a little girl over there. That little girl was Sarah, and Sarah told her she had told us she was coming over there. She knew us well enough to know that we wouldn't just let her wonder over there.

These days, I would be afraid to let a kid out of my sight for even a minute....even when Lorelei gets older than that.