Monday, March 7, 2011

Blackbird trees

I always think a sure sign of spring is when you see trees full of blackbirds...I always call them blackbird trees in my mind.
The Toot has another cold...instead of them coming here this weekend we went over there. It was well worth the trip. She was so glad to see us...I always look through the window before I ever ring the doorbell till I can see her reaction when she realizes it is us. She started jumping up and down and yelling Mamaw! Papaw! over and over.

I cannot believe how she has changed...yet it is hard to explain it in mere words. She has such an active imagination...when she was here last time she was pretending to be dragon. She growls and holds her hands up like they are claws and she is going to attack. She has also been pretending to cook for a while. And she has the tea parties. But she has now started to pretend to pick up 'stuff' and give it to each of us.

And she was getting behind stuff and popping up and saying Surprise!!! and we would laugh and that would just make her do it more.

Her daddy got down in the floor, first laying on his belly, then on his back. Both ways she sat on him on his lower back/belly and would raise his tee-shirt up and stick her feet and legs in it. And set there with this smug smile on her face. When he finally had to get up and go do something, she gets up and starts saying 'My Seat.....My Seat!' Oh what fun she is.

I know I am leaving out things...but want to do a post of some sort. I have clothes hanging on the lines so should go check them. And I need to fill the bird feeders.