Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time for Random 5 Friday

First of all, this is totally unrelated to the Random 5.  I did the previous post and at the end I included a couple things Lorelei had said in the past day or two.  Then later last night, Sarah sent me another text that said, " we(Sarah and hubby) were in the truck and she(Lo) got the hick-ups.  All of a sudden she did her deep voiced yell.  We asked what that was for, she said she was trying to scare herself to get rid of the hick-ups..."  Aren't grandchildren wonderful!
It is that time of the week again...time to share interesting and sometimes not so interesting random facts about ourselves, our lifem our kids, our pets....  Just whatever we choose.

1. Weather has been a part of the news more than usual this winter.  Here in Indiana we have had record amounts of snow;  along with that we have had some bitter cold weather.  For here, anyway.    We have had snow on the ground much of the winter.  So, it shouldn't be surprising that snow is in the forecast for this weekend.  Right now, only an inch or so is predicted.  I would not mind if we did not get any at all.  I have had my fill of snow and cold.  Though the picture above is from years past, ponds are still covered with ice.

2.  I love anything with roosters....and chickens in general.  At one time I collected 'rooster/chicken' things.  I could count over a hundred rooster/chicken items that I had.  I cannot remember the exact number now.  I think it was over 120.  Now, most of them are packed away.  I still like them, and cannot bare to part with them.

3.  I just finished reading Sidonia's Thread:  The Secrets of a Mother and Daughter Sewing a New Life in America.  (Click that link to read about it.)  It is not the usual story of a holocaust survivor.  The daughter wrote the book, and it is about their life here after WWII.  I know it probably is not for everyone, but I really enjoyed reading it. I have also noticed with it, if the title of a book has the word 'thread' in it, I am going to at least look at it.

4.  Has anyone besides me started enjoying some of the commercials just because of the music that takes you back to your youth.  There is one for Mazda that has Teenage Wasteland as the background music.  Another for Hyunda uses Evil Woman.  Another commercial, I don't remember what its for uses Three Dog Night's Shambala.

There, I just could not resist posting it here.

And there are even more old songs/commercials but can't recall them right at the moment.   Is there any that you have noticed?

5. Now, for the fun read of the day, I am taking you back to February of 2012, to this post of The Run "A"Round Ranch.  Every time I read it, the next to the last paragraph cracks me up. 

Linking to A Rural Journal's Random 5 Meme....

Edited to add:  The weatherman is now saying that they are watching a winter storm that is heading this way for the weekend.  Thinking inches now!  YUK!  Last night or the night before they didn't know.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cast iron pot...

Our mom had a big cast iron pot...I don't think it had a handle.  I also think hers was taller and not quite so wide in diameter as this one.  I don't remember where she kept it, or what has happened to it.  She only used it a couple times a year that I know of...well, maybe give or take a time or two.

She made lye soap in it.  I don't know of anyone besides her that ever made lye soap.  And I think when she made a batch of it, a batch lasted longer than a year.  I don't even recall what she used it for.  I think I remember her using it for laundry occasionally.  Maybe rubbing on a stubborn spot and washing on the washboard.  I almost think she maybe added some to the regular wash water.  (We were washing with a wringer washer.)

She also used this same pot to make lard in.  When I was growing up, we raised and butchered 4 hogs every year.  I say we...but I really didn't have much to do with it.  It was my mom and dad and brothers.  At least that I remember.  But the one thing I did do was help cut the fat into chunks for mom to make lard with.

I can remember every thing just being coated with grease from us handling the fat and cutting it into chunks.  I can remember the feel of it on my hands.  To the best of my memory, we cut the fat into chunks an inch or so...we were not exact.  

I don't know how long mom could wait till she made lard.  I would think she would have had to make it within a day or two because we had no place to refrigerate the pieces of fat.    Anyway, she used the cast iron pot.  She always built a small fire, and I think she used bricks to set the pot on over the fire.  And the pot was filled to the brim almost with the fat.

She always used a small fire...didn't want to get it to hot.  I am not sure why.  Hoping one of my brother will maybe fill in the pieces for me.  For stirring, she had a stirrer similar to the one the woman is using in this picture.  I can remember mom making me stand and stir...I think the fire was kept small and we had to stir almost constantly to keep the lard/grease and cracklings from scorching.

And she always made the lard outside, and sometimes did it for other neighbors.

How I wish I had written stuff down back then....or had better memories.

Sarah sent me the following conversation between Lorelei and her daddy this evening:

Lorelei:  daddy, you're not the boss of me.
Jeremy:  excuse me?
Lorelei:  you're not the boss, God is.

I don't know what they were talking about...I didn't think to ask.
The house was just soooo quiet after we got back from taking her to meet her mom.   While she was here, one of the morns we were talking about what we were going to have for breakfast.  She says, "I know what we could have!"  I ask "What?'  She says, "Biscuits, gravy, and sausage!"  Of course I fixed it the next morn.

But that is not the point of the story...the point is on Sunday night she was talking to her mom and dad...she told them, "I'm coming home tomorrow."  And I forget what they say...something along the lines of Oh, okay.  Then she pipes up, "But I Got to Eat First!"  I just figured she was saying that because I always tell her we have to have breakfast before we can leave.  She is fine the time she stays here, but usually on the day she says she is going home, she would like to get up and just leave.

Anyway, that night as we were settling down for sleep, she was asking me if I had packed her stuffed toys, and did I have her dirty clothes, etc....and I said yes, I thought I had everything but we would check before we leave the next morn.  She says, OK, but I got To Eat First!  I figures she was leading to having biscuits and gravy a second timem or more of her papaw's pancakses, so I asked what she wanted.  She didn't know...she just knew she had to eat!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Through the windshield

Another shot from the archives.  But we did have a thunderstorm didn't last long.  The wind was really strong, and the weatherman said there was an unconfirmed tornado in the county next to us.  There was a confirmed one in Effingham, IL which it at least two hours from us. 

Just thought I would do a quick post...been busy today but not accomplished a lot when all is said and done.  We had to do some Walmart shopping, came home and put the things away.  I had sheets I had left in the dryer, so got them over in the dryer soon as we got home.

Had chicken I had to package to freeze, and dishes to do up.

And when the sheets were dry, put them back on the bed.  To put sheets on this particular bed feels like I am wrestling an elephant.  I have never hated to put sheets on any bed...but I do hate this one.  One thing I want to know.  Does anyone else just take the sheets off the bed, wash them, and then put them right back on the bed?  I do that almost all the time now.

My mom did not do that...but I guess with so many beds, she just wanted the beds to get made.  So, I always stripped the sheets off, and put the clean ones on right away.

With all the cold and snow we have had, I have sure been thankful for the washer and dryer.  Every time I do a load of clothes, I think of mom and all the laundry she did with just a wringer washer, and no dryer. And she always washed something with a washboard first, then threw them in the wringer.  I don't even know if anyone uses a washboard now....or if you can buy one. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday Roger was in the kitchen getting ready to heat something in the microwave...I walked in just as he stubbed his toe.  Those that really know me would have been proud.  I didn't laugh right off the bat.  Didn't even have to try real hard, unless I thought of the other times he stubbed his toe.  Remember two or three years ago, he stubbed his toe, the same toe, 3 times in a week or so.  The last time being he was out in the garage barefoot and kicked it against a cast iron jackstand so hard he moved it across the floor.  He ended up having surgery on that poor toe.

Anyway, was doing good not laughing...then he said ."It's been a while since I kicked something with my toe.....(slight pause here)....I don't really miss the experience."  Needless to say, I lost it then...

Well, while looking for a photo to use in this post, I came across this article and wanted to share it:  How to Stub Your Toe.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ready to be quilted...

I made this top back in 2007...I decided it was time to start quilting some of the tops I have made.  It is close to twin size....I forget the width but it is 78 inches long.

I spent almost the entire evening getting this baby ready. The time I got done crawling around and getting things stretched out, and then on my knees and elbows as I pin basted...I bet I will have rug burns tomorrow.

I did take frequent breaks...I had to because I had potato soup cooking and wanted to make sure I didn't let it boil down and burn

I wish I could say I would start quilting right away, but not too sure of the thread situation.  and I have no idea how I want to quilt it...I am consitdering just some straight lines.
We had rain, freezing rain, and snow today.  It is supposed to get up to 40º tomorrow, and I an hoping it reaches that at least.. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Help identify this bird....

I hope this is enough for some of you birders to work with...I have seen it at my feeders and under them a few times the past couple days.  Not very often, and it doesn't stay for long.  It just flits in for a few minutes, and I do mean few...and then it is gone.
It is the one on the far side of the  cardinal.  It just does not sit still for long so no profile pic at all.  It is between the size of a house sparrow and the cardinal.  I would appreciate your best guess on what it is.  I am almost embarrassed to say what I think it might be.
As you can see, we did end up getting snow.  It snowed all day long once it started.  We probably got 6 more inches of snow, and Roger says he thinks more.  When he went out to his shop this close to noon, he had to shovel 3 or 4 inches of snow, and then had to shovel a lot more when he came in tonight.

I have wasted another day for the most part...did get a little bit of sewing done and a load of laundry finished.  And since it was too much of a mess to get out and go out to eat, I fixed fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans for our supper.  Roger loves me to fix gravy with fried chicken, but I very seldom do.

Edited to add:  Thanks to TexWisGirl!  She has identified it as a Fox Sparrow.  I think she is right! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Random 5 Friday

First of all,  Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you get to spend it with a loved one.

I swear I haven't got a brain!  I should have had my Random 5 ready to go but am going to have to sit here a bit to think of what I want to enter.  It is really apt to be a hodgepodge of stuff.

1.  Last night I was opening a bottle of Orange Crush...and it made me recall how bottle caps used to have that little layer of cork in the top.  Does anyone else remember those?  We used to try to get that piece of cork out in one piece, then we would put the bottle cap on front of our skirt, shirt, or whatever kind of cloth we wanted, then take the cork piece and come from behind the material and push it into the cap....thus pushing the fabric in and the bottle cap would stay there.

2.  We are supposed to get a little bit more snow today.  3-4 inches.  But it was supposed to be started snowing by now, so maybe 'they' will be wrong.  I haven't looked at the weather today, figuring as long as I haven't seen the radar I can live in hope.

3.  I am still having trouble with my glasses.  This is a first for me.  I did go and have them adjusted but soon as I had worn them a while, I felt  like they were hurting me in a new place.

4.  OH, I have a favorite post for you.  If you want to read something funny, got to Caron's blog, I have a piece of news for you.  Read  Did you Hear that?  It was a Crunching noise--I laughed till I cried the first time I read it...went back last night and read it again and it was still funny.

5.  We definitely need a butler!  Bubbie goes out one door, goes around to the other and wants in.  Then, I kid you not, he goes back to the original door and wants out right away.  He is a fun kitty.

Well, how's that for a random 5?  To see more, go check out A Rural Journal's Random 5 Friday meme!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just a little post

I was messing around at Youtube and heard this 'song'--do you call it a song when it is only music? 

Anyway, this is what I did with it. This music just filled my heart so.....all the pictures/memories of Lorelei filled my mind and our girls, and just our life in general.  But since Lo's birthday had just passed, I did it photos of her.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cold critter...

I don't know why I haven't posted this before now.  Also, it looks sort sepia-ish, but I haven't done anything to make it look that way.
It is still cold in our neighborhood;-)  We are looking forward to some days above freezing later in the week.  I just hope the temps stay up long enough for some of this white stuff to melt.  


Someone had a birthday party this past weekend...

It was held at the bowling alley...

She had a good time...

Just thought I would show a few pics from it...


I am distracted with the Olympics.  Been watching some of the skating and snowboarding and skiing at night.  The race that Bodie Miller was in....not sure what it is called....the downhill could not pay me enough to try that one.  Even if I was young.  Last night, when one racer started his race, they said that 4 seconds into the race, he was going 75 miles per hour, and another time they said they reach speeds of 85 mph....

Friday, February 7, 2014

Vulture in flight

This is an oldie...a cropped photo.  I like it anyway. 

Maybe one of these days I will get back to taking photos.  This past year I have only taken approximately 2100 photos, give or take a few.  The year before that I had taken 6,000.  I didn't go back to the year before that to compare, but I think it was even more than that.

Random 5 Friday

We saw the above down at Little Nashville a two or three month ago...just thought I would pop it in here since I had nothing planned to post.

Supposed to stay bitter is -6ºF as I type...and supposed to have bitter wind chill temps tomorrow.  I doubt I get out and do anything.

Well, it is time for Random 5 thoughts..

1.  Can you believe Lorelei will be 5 years old this month?  I can hardly believe it.  The time has gone by too fast.

2. We watched Jay Leno for the last will be a while before I watch the Tonight Show again.  It just takes a while to be ready for someone new.  I was the same way when Johnny Carson left and Jay took was a while before I could watch and accept him.  I am going to miss seeing him and Terry Bradshaw together. We always knew we were going to be laughing if Terry was going to be on.

3.  I got my new glasses...the frames need adjusting.  I knew they fit a bit snug when I got them, but did not realize just how bad.  So that means I have to get back to Terre Haute soon.  Hoping I can do that next week.   Thy are so different to anything I have worn.  I cannot get used to seeing myself in them.

4.  Every time my brother and I talk on the phone, we talk about food.  Food we ate as we like we want to try.  He always ends the conversation with  "I'm guess I better hang up...I want to read a little bit and I know you want to find something to eat---I wouldn't want you to starve to death."

5  My mom used to say if you haven't ever made a mistake, you haven't ever done anything.  Well, I must have done a lot cause I have made a lot of mistakes!

With that, I am linking to Nancy's Random 5 Friday!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yes, we got snow!

Everything is covered with a deep blanket of snow.  Our grill greets us first thing as we go out the back door. 

Roger shoveled the sidewalks this morn first thing.  That was a lot of snow...he got the sidewalk leading to the garage and also to the side and to the front porch.  I think we got at least 8 inches.

But the main sidewalks, and where we park sometimes to the side of the house, and in front of our garage were cleared by this guy and his dad.

They go around and do almost the whole neighborhood...for free.  Oh, we give them a little something sometimes, but they don't want to take anything.  They have a blast doing it, but it sure helps us. 

We have been so blessed most of our life with wonderful neighbors.  With these neighbors alone, Roger will do stuff to help them or for them...and if we need anything, all he has to do is ask.  Such as when we went to hang the barn doors Roger made for the old garage...they were too heavy for me, and all he had to do was go ask them.

Their grandson needed some help with something with his bow, so he came to Roger for him to fix it.  And their grandson is such a good kid...he has stopped a time or two just to visit when Roger was out in the garage and he is interested in learning how to do stuff.  And part of the time, he would know what tool to hand Roger without him asking for it.
We are supposed to have low temps again the next couple of days...not even supposed to get above 10º F tomorrow...and supposed to be below 0 tomorrow I suppose we won't be doing much.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow on the way

According to the weatherman, more snow is on the way.  It should start snowing tomorrow and by the time it is over, we could have up to 8 inches. We had at least 3 inches of snow when we got up yesterday morn.  That after it raining ALL. DAY. LONG. on Saturday.  The main roads cleared off quickly, but the side roads were still a mess this morn when we headed to Terre Haute to go get my new glasses.

And when we got to the mall, the parking lot was mostly a sheet of ice.  Talk about walking with care...I really tried to be careful.  We made it in safely and by the time we came out, it had turned to slush.

Speaking of icy, Sarah said she almost fell when she was getting in her truck....she said Lorelei about died laughing! 
I think I am finally beginning to get back in the groove and feel like sewing again.  Almost afraid to say that.  Something is apt to happen to throw my off track again.  But it does feel good to be spending time in front of my sewing machine again.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Conversation with Lorelei

Sarah sent me the following converstion earlier today....I thought it blogworthy.

Lorelei:  daddy, can I have a poptart?
Jeremy:  sure, but you need to learn not to be so messy when you eat.
Lorelei:  We don't learn that at school.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

For those wondering how babies get here...Pixar version

One thing about having a grandchild is that you become reacquainted with your inner child.  If not for Lorelei, I doubt I would have ever watched any of the Pixar shorts.  This is one of my favorites. 

I have glasses that don't have a rim around the bottom of the lenses.  Today, one of the lens separated from the frame and I had to use reading glasses for a while.  It was not fun trying to go up and down stairs; for some reason I could not push them up on top of my head and them stay there. Had to take them completely off.

And I swear I almost became dizzy if I did anything other than read or look at the computer and left them on.  I was trying to do a few things at once without taking them off, and boy if I turned my head quickly looking where they weren't focused, I'd get so dizzy just for a second.  Anyway, I knew my vision was worse, but not as bad as it apparently is.

Thankfully, Roger was able to use epoxy and glue the lens back in.  And I have an appt. Monday to get new ones.    I have been looking at frames on line..I have no idea what I want.  So that is going to be the most time consuming part on Monday.