Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Best buddies

Sarah sent me this snapshot of the toot and Diesel...he probably weighs more than her. Sarah said Lorelei was on a mission today...for one thing she had all her books out. I ask Sarah if she 'read' them or just tossed them over her shoulder...she actually will sit and look at the books and tell her own little story as she turns the pages. We just cannot tell what she says. She sure gets intent when she reads though.

But today Sarah said she would read part of them then toss them over her shoulder. Others, she just pulled out and tossed.

The other day Sarah was either putting Lorelei's outside toys in the garage, or was getting them out. She went in and turned around to come back out and there was Otto standing looking towards her and Lorelei was standing at his back end beating on him like he was a drum, both just happy as a lark.