Thursday, February 26, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1.  We probably spend as much time watching stuff on YouTube as we do watching actual TV.  We watch stuff about our hobbies;  in my case, I watch a lot about sewing as well as regular series that were on TV at one time.  Roger watches stuff about fly tying, knife making, history, and more besides. He tends to watch random things...I tend to find series that I will watch till I watch them all...recently, it was All Creatures Great and Small, before that New Tricks, and Ballykissangel was somewhere in the mix.  At one time YouTube had all the Great British Sewing Bee shows on, then could only watch clips for a while.  Right now, there are 3 full length shows available from Season 3...below is the first one.

2.  Do you ever pause and think how sewing is done everywhere.  Some out of necessity, but a lot is done by people just trying to make something beautiful.  How many of you have heard of here to see a video showing some...they are made by hand.  So many stitches...adding and taking away layers of cloth.  Or click here to see the Siddis making quilts.  Again by hand...

3.  How many of you have what you call guilty little pleasures?  Mine is the mini-powdered donuts that you get in a bag.  I LOVE them.  I don't especially care for the normal sized powdered donut, but give me a bag of the small ones and I am good to go.

4.  I have not fed the birds in days...simply because of the number of cowbirds that come.  The last day I filled the feeder, it took them approximately 3 hrs to empty it...and the feeder holds close to a gallon of feed.  The little songbirds did not get to enjoy any of it.  I will eventually start  to feed them again...just waiting a bit in hopes that the cowbirds will have moved on.

5.  We seen the doctor was just a follow up to the test/procedure Roger had done.  The one biopsy they took was benign...did not show any pre-cancer cells.  So that is good.

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